Mouse Exterminators - When Should They Be Called In?


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We all want to save money. When we first notice a mouse problem, many of us automatically start trying to figure out how get rid of house mice on our own. In many cases, there are lots of do-it-yourself tips that can help us with the management and control of mice. But that's not always the case. There comes a point when homeowners need to make the call to get professional in to help.

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Here are some signs that it may be time to call in the professionals:

  • If there is a serious infestation, it's time to get help. If you're already aware that there are hundreds of rodents running around your home, the problem is far too large to handle on a do-it-yourself basis. A significant number of rodents can cause a significant amount of damage to a home, and pose a significant health risk!
  • Call in the exterminators if you cannot safely handle the issue yourself. The key word here is safe. Parts of a house, both interior and exterior, aren't easily accessible and most homeowners don't have the equipment to access them safely. Professionals have the appropriate equipment and the experience to manage this type of work in a safe and efficient manner. Plus they may be able to find and seal entry points that we wouldn't have found ourselves.
  • If the mouse problem worsens, get help immediately. There are always more mice than can be seen. They scurry in walls, between floors, throughout our living spaces... and even traps and deterrents set out by homeowners won't be enough to control them. If it's clear that the problem is only getting worse, get help - the more mice there are, the more damage and contamination there will be too.
  • Households with young children, pets, seniors, or ill family members may want to get help right away. Professional mouse exterminators can work more quickly than the average homeowner and can advise about the best way to remove the rodents in order to minimize health risks.
  • If you're just sick and tired of trying to manage the problem, call in the pros. The stress and time involved in trying to deal with a mouse infestation can be very trying. Professionals can provide a number of services, including an inspection, removal plan (if you prefer humane pest control methods, or non-toxic / non-chemical methods, you can let them know this before they figure out how to remove the mice from the house), seal up entry points, clean and disinfect, even show you preventive pest control measures that you can take on your own to help prevent the problem from re-occurring.

Many of us prefer to start off with do-it-yourself measures when dealing with a mouse infestation since it could save us money. However, professional mouse exterminators have their place - with their experience and their equipment, they can often handle the problem much more effectively and more quickly than we can do on our own. Letting the problem worsen or get out of hand by refusing to get help when needed can ultimately end up costing the homeowner much more, not just with the cost of service to deal with a larger issue, but also with damage repair and cleanup costs. Health care costs should also be considered particularly in families with vulnerable members.