Humane Pest Control Articles Library


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General Pest Control Information

What is pest control? An explanation of what constitutes a 'pest', and the removal and management of them.

Is pest control safe for households with children and pets? Tips on using safe humane removal and control methods for mice, rats, and other rodents.

Why humane rodent pest control can present such a challenge, despite the many electronic, ultrasonic, and natural methods available.

What pest management control means and how it can help homeowners control and deter rats, mice, and other rodents long-term.

The definition of rodent - what is considered a rodent, a list of common rodents, and an example of a rodent of unusual size.

How to safely clean up rodent feces. Tips on protecting yourself during the removal of rodent droppings in the house and attic.

Diseases borne by rodents that can be passed to humans - in particular, the dangers of rodent droppings disease and parasites being transmitted to people.

How to get rid of dead rodent odor from the house, and what you can do to help the problem smell go away faster.

The factors that impact the average cost of pest control services for rodent infestations in the house.

An overview of rodent types, the damages they can cause in a residential house, their risks to humans, and issues with humane pest control.

Rodent mite information - the types of mites that can be carried by rodents, and what action is needed to get rid of them.

Fleas as a potential secondary problem of a rodent infestation in the house. Information about safe and natural flea extermination.

Information about the potential problems and issues with live rodent traps, generally considered a humane method of pest control for mice, rats, squirrel, and other rodents.

Rodent poop identification tips - how to recognize the poop of rats, mice, and squirrel so that a pest control plan can be put into place.

Information on what a rodent zapper is, and whether it can be considered a humane method of pest control.

Information about how a rodent bomb works and whether it can get rid of rats and other pests in the yard or garden.

Tips on why lethal methods of pest control are sometimes warranted, and why it's not necessarily inhumane to kill a rodent.

What to consider when using a pest management control service for humane wildlife removal.

Humane rodent control products for the removal of rats, mice, squirrel and other rodents. Product options for rodent repellent and deterrent purposes.

Articles About Getting Rid of Mice

Controlling pests: how to get rid of house mice - what to look for and options to prevent and control mice.

Pet safe mouse control - humane methods of controlling mice in the house, that are also safe to use around pets.

Safe, humane mice deterrents that can be used to drive away or repel mice from the house, yard, and garden.

Why sticky glue mouse traps are a cruel pest control method and should not be used - how glue traps cause great distress and tremendous suffering to mice.

An explanation of how mouse snap traps work, and whether they can be considered a humane method of pest control.

An explanation of the most common types of mice traps. How they're used around the house to remove or control a mouse infestation.

Do-it-yourself mice traps that work - mouse traps that can be built at home with the use of simple materials.

Tips on the use of humane mouse traps to control mice in the house. What needs to be considered when using live and humane traps.

Common household items that are very effective to use as mouse trap bait.

An explanation of what an ultrasonic mouse repellent device is, and whether it is effective and safe for use as a rodent deterrent.

Ten facts about mice - information about the small rodent that commonly infests homes.

Tips on using a natural mouse repellent as a deterrent for mice entering the house or nesting in the yard or garden.

Tips on attracting a barn owl, one of the best ways for how to get rid of mice naturally - natural and safe pest control for the yard and garden!

How to identify the signs of house mice in walls.

Tips on when mouse exterminators should be used due to a house infestation that has gotten out of control or other reasons.

Articles About Getting Rid of Rats

Identifying rats, the challenges of pest control with rats, and options for how to get rid of rats in the house.

The two most common types of rats found infesting the house and garden. Pest control and deterrent tips for managing a rat infestation.

Five practical do-it-yourself tips for how to control rats in garden areas and yards. Protect the outside of your house from rats!

Why rat poisoning is inhumane and ultimately an ineffective way to control rats inside the house.

Humane options to try as a rat deterrent; how to control rats inside the house with non-toxic, non-chemical methods.

Why the use of rat sticky traps is an inhumane and ineffective rodent control option.

Tips on identifying, preventing, and managing rats in the roof or attic.

Pest control tips: the best rat baits to use to lure rats into traps. Tips on the best baits for roof and Norway rats.

Rat elimination tips - information on options for the humane removal of rats from the house.

Rat trapping tips for the humane and effective control and removal of rats from the house. Tips to maximize the chances of success.

Articles About Getting Rid of Squirrels

Squirrel control for homeowners - information on the damage squirrels can do to homes; an overview of pest control options.

Typical signs homeowners see what there are squirrels in the attic, including signs of a possible infestation.

Humane squirrel trap options - types of traps available to help in the control and removal of squirrels from the attic and house.

Tips on finding squirrel exterminators - how to choose a pest control management service that includes humane removal options.

What to think about when planning squirrel removal from a home. Tips on the humane control and removal of squirrels from the attic and other spaces.

Articles About Preventing and Excluding Pests

Why do a pest inspection - how to identify if your home has signs of rats, mice, squirrel, or other types of rodents.

Tips for preventive pest control - do-it-yourself tips for homeowners to help keep rodents and other pests out of the house.

DIY tips on how to do pest control yourself - how to manage rodents including mice and rats without the use of toxic chemicals.

An explanation of what rodent mesh is, and how it's used to help control and exclude mice, rats, squirrel, and other rodents from the house.

How a rodent strobe light works and whether it is effective as a deterrent against rats, mice, squirrel, and other rodents.

The use of rodent spray as a deterrent for rats, mice, squirrel, and other rodents.

Tips on the use of a rodent fence to form a barrier against rodents. How a rodent fence will help to act as a deterrent.

Information on rodent proofing a home with the use of exclusionary measures and deterrents for long-term rodent management and control.

Common types of yard rodents that may be nesting or foraging in the yard, and the type of damage they can cause.

How to recognize rodent holes in yard and garden areas; what homeowners can do to control these rodents.