What Is a Rodent Bomb?


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A is a smoke bomb meant to kill rodents outdoors. They kill by smoking out burrowing rodents like rats or gophers. It is not a humane method of pest control (imagine the terror of slowly dying from toxic smoke inhalation).

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If you're not convinced, then consider that it's not only cruel, but it's also ineffective.

  • There is usually a network of tunnels. Placing the smoke bomb in one entrance doesn't do any good when it's hard to figure out where the tunnels all exit above-ground.
  • Rodents who smell the smoke can pull down dirt to "wall off" the area where the smoke is coming from.
  • It's rare that smoke bombs permanently get rid of rodents. Rodent populations often return within just a few days even if the bombs were initially able to drive them away.
  • The smoke is dangerous to both people and their pets. They cannot be used inside the attic or house due to the toxic chemicals and the residue left behind when used.

With so many other types of humane pest control methods available, there's no need to use something as inhumane and ineffective as a rodent bomb. Much kinder methods can be used to remove rodents before preventive pest control is used to help stop them from returning. There are also several do-it-yourself tips on how to control rats in garden areas.