Humane Rodent Control Products


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There are a number of humane that can help homeowners dealing with mice, rats, squirrel, or other rodents in the house. Not all of the products work equally well... there are probably at least as many detractors as there are supporters for some (if not all) of these products. There are pros and cons to each of them. In the end, the question of what is pest control means getting rid of unwanted insects, rodents, or other wildlife. The methods used comes down to both effectiveness in an individual situation, as well as personal preference.

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Humane, Non-Lethal Live Traps

The live cage trap captures rodents alive so that they can be relocated and released. With a squirrel trap, there is also the option of using a one-way exclusion door to allow the squirrels to naturally leave the house on their own (for example, when they go foraging for food) but stop them from re-entering.

The removal of captured rodents should be done frequently and as soon as possible after capture, to help ensure they don't die of hunger or thirst and to minimize stress. Note that any live trap must be properly set to make sure they are safe and operate as intended.

Humane, Lethal Traps

Snap traps and the rodent zapper both kill rodents quickly if the traps are used appropriately. Always carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions when setting up the traps. Incorrectly set traps can cause injury and suffering, rather than killing the rodent instantly.

Plug-In Ultrasonic Sound and Vibration Devices

These devices emit sound waves or vibrations that supposedly act as a deterrent to rodents. There's a lot of debate about whether or not an ultrasonic mouse repellent really works (on mice or any other type of rodent). Because they're fairly cheap, though, many homeowners try them just to see what they do. They are not generally meant for long-term use; rodents get used to them pretty quickly and can then ignore them as "background noise". Ultrasonic devices are meant to drive rodents away for the short term, giving homeowners an opportunity to seal up entry points into the home.

Strobe Lights

A rodent strobe is a high-intensity, flashing light that is meant to be so annoying to make the area unlivable. They range in price from relatively affordable to quite pricey, with the best reviews almost exclusively reserved for the more expensive models.

A version of these lights is also available to help scare away rodents outdoors. These lights are meant to mimic the flash of light from a predator's eyes, theoretically scaring away rodents. Again, there's a wide range of opinions on whether or not this actually works.

With so many rodent control products available, homeowners have plenty of choice. What it comes down to is preference - many prefer humane pest control options only, and some prefer only non-lethal methods too. The severity of the infestation will also help determine which options are best. Ultimately, though, the best form of rodent control is prevention - keep things clean and uncluttered and remove easy access for rodents to warm shelter, food, and water. They will move on if they can't find what they need in your yard or home.