How Effective is an Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent?


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An is a device that is plugged into a wall and which emits sound waves or vibrations that mice don't like. It's one tool in the arsenal of how to get rid of house mice - the idea is that these unpleasant and stressful sounds will cause mice to leave the house on their own. But do they really work?

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The Good Stuff About Ultrasonic Devices

  • They are a non-toxic, non-chemical, and safe way to control rodents, suitable for people interested in humane pest control.

  • Quick and easy to get started - just plug it in, in an open space and the device will immediately begin acting as a deterrent.

  • Sounds are supposed to be non-detectable to humans.

  • Devices do not affect TVs or other electronics.

  • Some devices will emit randomized sounds or sound patterns, making it less likely that rodents will get used to them.

  • Some people have claimed great success with these devices, and sometimes in just a few days.

The Bad Stuff About Ultrasonic Repellents

  • There is debate about the effectiveness of ultrasonic mouse repellents. Although some people have had success, others state that it doesn't work at all or works minimally.

  • Several devices are needed because sound waves don't travel through walls or other solid objects. This increases costs to the homeowner since there needs to be a clear path between the device and the rodents.

  • Some animals (especially pet rodents including hamsters and guinea pigs, for example) may find the sounds emitted by the device intrusive and annoying. And although the sounds are not supposed to be detectable by humans, some people claim that they can "feel" or "hear" them in some way.

    Likewise, some manufacturers state the dogs and cats are not bothered by these devices - however, some people have reported that they think their pets may hear them.

  • The 'fix' is only temporary. Rodents will acclimate to the sounds. Even if they initially leave, they will grow accustomed to the sounds and will eventually return and resume their normal activities.

  • Even if rodents leave, there is a small window of time for which the homeowner must seal up entry points to prevent mice, rats, or other rodents from re-entering the home. Wait too long and the mice may have already gotten used to the sounds and returned to the house.

Homeowners may find that an ultrasonic mouse repellent is a useful tool, to be used in conjunction with other pest control methods. If you're willing to give them a try, you can assess their effectiveness for yourself. Regardless of what method is used to remove mice from the home, further steps will need to be taken to ensure that they don't come back. See the article on preventive pest control for more information.