Rodent Holes in Yard and Garden Areas


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Many homeowners worry much more about rodents entering their homes than hanging out in the yard. But rodents in the yard may become tempted to enter homes when the weather turns cold, or when they want a safe place to have babies. Or they may cause damage to gardens, trees, and shrubs. Here are some resources to help you recognize if you have and garden areas.

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If the holes in your yard are indeed from rodents, one option is to install a rodent fence. This type of fencing can help to keep rodents out of areas you want protected, like gardens.

Regardless of the type of rodents causing rodent holes in yard and garden areas, homeowners should seek to take preventive pest control steps. Make the home and yard less attractive and less accessible for rodents by removing easy access to safe shelter, food, and water. These steps will help keep the rodent population under control in the yard and help to discourage them from trying to enter the house.