Using Rodent Mesh to Protect Your House


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is essentially just a metal "fabric" that can be used to exclude rodents from the house. The metal wires or fibers are interwoven to create a mesh that rodents cannot break, chew, or gnaw through. The mesh is stuffed into or installed over holes in the home to prevent rodents from entering. Most are made from a blend of different materials.

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The mesh can be cut to whatever size is needed. Wear gloves to protect your hands when working with the mesh. To seal up holes, some people put expanding foam into the hole first, then stuff the mesh into the hole next. Although it's not necessary to add a final layer of foam, doing so can be helpful as an inspection of the outer layer of foam can show gnaw marks, indicating that rodents are trying to get in again.

The mesh only needs to be installed once, and can be used in gaps, cracks, holes, and around pipes. It keeps out rodents as well as birds and many insects.

Using rodent mesh is a great way to exclude mice, rats, squirrel, and other rodents from the home. In addition, homeowners should look at taking additional preventive pest control measures to help minimize rodent problems in both the house and the yard or garden.