Humane Rat Elimination or Removal Options


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Figuring out how to get rid of rats in the house can be a challenge. It poses an additional challenge for those of us who prefer the use of humane pest control. Depending on the extent of the infestation, there are several options for humane .

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Live Cage Traps

If there aren't that many rats, then this may be a good option. With a live cage trap, rats are caught, relocated and released elsewhere. The downside is that there needs to be an appropriate area for their release - away from other homes (otherwise you are just transferring the problem to someone else) and with sufficient shelter, food and water to support their survival. In some jurisdictions it may also be against the law to relocate and release rats. Check to see if a permit or license is required.

Instant Lethal Traps

While it is debatable whether or not lethal traps can ever be considered humane, some believe that they are - provided that they kill the rodent instantly and without panic. Two types of lethal traps are the common snap trap and the rodent zapper. Manufacturer's instructions should be closely followed to avoid inadvertently injuring the rat rather than killing it instantly.

Repellents or Deterrents

These can be used to temporarily drive rats away from the house, giving homeowners the chance to seal up all entry points into the home. Ultrasonic devices are available that give off sound waves or vibrations that annoy rodents into leaving; likewise, a rodent strobe light does the same thing, only with flashing lights. Neither device harms the rat.

There are many varying opinions on whether these devices are effective or not. The general consensus appears to be that they also have to be carefully and strategically placed to have any effect at all... and if they do work, they work only temporarily.

If the infestation is severe or is otherwise difficult to control (for instance, the rats may be located in an awkward or hard-to-access area), consider the use of a professional pest control service. They can thoroughly inspect the home, figure out a plan for rat elimination, carry out the process, and then seal up entry points into the home once the removal is complete. Homeowners should also perform regularly upkeep and maintenance to their homes and yards - keep them clean and uncluttered, and don't provide rodents with easy access to shelter, food or water. The more unattractive the area is to a rodent's survival, the more likely it is that they will go elsewhere.