Things That Influence the Average Cost of Pest Control Services


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Even though there are some things homeowners can do themselves to manage a rodent problem, sometimes seeking the services of professionals is appropriate. Many things influence the - there really is no such thing as "average"! Take a look at this brief list of the types of things that are taken into consideration when figuring out cost.

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  • The extent of the infestation. Is the problem confined to one area, or is the whole house impacted? How large is the house? The larger the area that requires monitoring / control / remediation, the higher the cost.
  • The rodent types involved. Different methods, bait, etc. may work better for rats than for mice or for squirrels. Each type of rodent is unique.
  • Where the problem is located. Areas that are more difficult to access will understandably be a bigger challenge, and can thus cost more due to the time, equipment, or additional work needed. For example, the attic may be harder to access than the basement.
  • How many return trips are required to clear the initial infestation. Sometimes it may take several return visits before the rodent problem is resolved.
  • The types of service(s) that are required. Some homeowners may request only the use of humane pest control methods for the removal of rodents from the home... and if taken one step further and insisting on non-lethal humane methods as well (ie. live traps), costs can increase because the company may have to return more often or do more monitoring.

    Do you want the company to do regular or follow-up inspections or treatment, clean-up, remediation of damaged areas, and preventive pest control to try to exclude rodents in the future? The more services you request, the more it will cost.

  • The frequency of maintenance service. Companies can regularly do pest inspections or if the problem keeps recurring, they can come back to do regular removal. Some companies will offer a discount on longer-term or more regular contracts.

Even though it's probably not the answer most homeowners are looking for, there is truly no such thing as an 'average' cost of pest control services. Costs vary widely depending on the situation, where you live, and the company used.