Squirrel Exterminators - Choosing a Pest Control Service


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Squirrels look cute and cuddly... until they enter your home. Then they're not so adorable when you hear sounds coming from your attic, find chewed up stuff, or worse, find droppings everywhere. Finding a company to remove squirrels from your attic, chimney, or other places in your home isn't as easy as looking up a list of and picking one. It's important to find a pest control service that is experienced with dealing with these quick and sometimes unpredictable little rodents.

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The Use of Poisons

Some companies will suggest poisons as a means of squirrel control. Aside from being inhumane, toxic, and potentially dangerous for households with children and pets, consider what happens after the squirrel ingests the poison. It has to die somewhere - and that "somewhere" might end up being inside your house. You then end up with an entirely different problem of how to locate and remove a decomposing squirrel corpse. The smell could attract other wildlife or insects and, of course, is unpleasant to homeowners - particularly if the body is located near the home's ventilation system. It could be very costly to try to remove the rodent if it has died somewhere particularly hard to access.

Even if the squirrel dies outside, other wildlife, or even the family pet, might consume the body and also die from the poison.

DIY vs Professional Help

Sometimes homeowners want to try squirrel removal themselves, before turning to the professionals for any type of extermination service. This is not as easy as it may seem. Even if the homeowner is able to convince the squirrel to leave and then seals up the squirrel's entry points into the home... how can we be sure that all the squirrels are out?

Most homeowners don't know the signs to look for or where to check, and access to and inspection of the various parts of the home can be tricky without the right tools and equipment. If a mother squirrel gets sealed out the home and her babies are still inside, she's going to cause far more damage in her desperation to get back inside to them. The babies, on the other hand, are sealed inside without their mother and may panic and wander around before dying, if the mother cannot get back to them. Now the homeowner has extra problems with finding and disposing of the bodies and cleaning up the mess.

Choosing a Pest Control Service

An experienced pest control service can help prevent these types of problems from occurring. Here are a few things to consider before picking an exterminator:

How much experience do they have with squirrels?

There are many different rodent types, each with its own behaviors. A company that deals with squirrels regularly will be more familiar with what to look for and how to deal with it. Are they able to remove squirrels from different parts of the home - the attic, the chimney, the walls, etc?

What types of traps are used?

Are they humane, live traps? Where are the squirrels released after being trapped (will they be released at all? Some municipalities may require squirrels to be euthanized)? How often are the traps checked? Are the traps checked by the company or by the homeowner? As you can imagine, trapped animals can panic and become distressed very easily. The more often the trap is checked and the sooner the animal released, the better.

What about squirrel babies?

How will the company check to ensure that there are no nests with babies left inside the house? How will they handle the babies and re-unite them with the mom?

How do they handle ill or injured animals?

What happens to squirrels who are unintentionally injured, or who appear ill? Are they humanely euthanized?

Will they provide a written quote?

Companies should provide you with a written quote, including details about the extent of the problem and their proposed solution. The quote should include the rate as well as details about what types of services are included for the price. Ask if photos of the nesting areas and damaged areas will be included with the report.

Do they have all the necessary permits and licenses?

Does the company have all the proper permits? Some municipalities may require special permits or licenses in order to handle, trap, and release squirrels.

What other services are provided after the squirrels are removed?

Will the company clean up the mess (which includes stuff like droppings, nests, food or other debris, and possibly even other dead rodents)? Will they sanitize and deodorize, and treat the areas for mites or fleas that the squirrels could have brought into the home? Will they do - or can they recommend other companies who will do - remediation work such as replacing insulation or other repairs?

Will they take preventive pest control measures to exclude squirrels from the home in the future? What parts of the home are inspected during the exclusion service? Is there a follow-up service to ensure that the problem doesn't return? Are there additional fees for these services?

There are many companies that can provide squirrel exterminators. Take the time to find one that you're comfortable with, and that has a good record for effectively controlling a squirrel infestation - ideally with humane pest control methods.