What To Use As Mouse Trap Bait


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You may have seen cartoons that show mice traps being baited with cheese. While mice eat nearly everything, there are certain things that are very effective to use as . Mice have a superb sense of smell and are attracted to aromatic foods, generally foods that include fats, sugar, or protein. However, baits do not need to be food. Nesting materials are also very attractive to mice.

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Some very effective baits include:

  • Peanut butter, the old standby, with its tempting aroma is very popular with mice.
  • Cotton and dental floss are great nesting materials - mice love them.
  • Small pieces of a thinly-sliced hot dog or tiny bits of cooked bacon.
  • A drop of two of honey or molasses.
  • Jelly beans.
  • Pet food is often a huge attractant - that's why people with pets should make sure pet food is properly stored to avoid attacting rodents.

Tips on Baiting Mouse Traps

  • Baits should be changed regularly. Old bait can go bad or the smell may lessen, making it less attractive to mice. Fresh bait is always most attractive.

  • Baits are just one part of effectively trapping mice but they can make it easier to lure them. Traps also need to be set properly, and placed properly too. Most traps will kill mice but could still be considered humane pest control if death is instant.

  • The rule of thumb is, use as little bait as possible to still attract the rodent. If you use too much, the mouse may be able to grab a piece of the bait without triggering the trap.

Learn more about the different types of mice traps before deciding on a bait. Picking the right mouse trap bait will help to ensure that the traps work as intended so that you can control or get rid of house mice as quickly as possible.